Custom Seating Chart


Our custom seating chart is a perfect addition for any wedding, holiday party, company dinner, or special event that requires seating. Whether you are hosting 10, 50, or hundreds of guests, we offer a customized seating chart that will help create a warm, welcoming, and interactive experience for those who are attending.

At Roc Your Event, we know that guest experience is important to you. We also know how much preparation goes into your event and want to relieve you from extra stress. No more hand-writing hundreds of cards, worrying about the possibility of spelling someone’s name wrong, or hustling to get things done at the last minute.

This is why we offer a custom seating chart with our mirror booth package that comes with an extra hour of service.

By showcasing our custom seating chart that’s displayed on our gorgeous mirror, you’ll be able to not only draw attention for all the right reasons, but it will help your guests find their seat faster, help you stay organized, and provide a beautiful highlight to your special evening. 

As your guests arrive, they will be greeted by our photo booth with a custom seating chart welcoming them to get started. The screen will rotate every 15 seconds and guests’ names can be organized by name or by table number. It’s an incredibly easy and fast way to welcome guests and invite them into the room.

Ultimately, we are here to support the vision you have for your celebration and to make it the best experience possible,and creating a customized seating chart to match your vision and party theme is one of the ways we do that.

Our photo booths will also showcase photos of your engagement, fun memories of family and friends, company gatherings, and animations that are entertaining and engaging. All of our templates and designs are made from scratch, providing a truly customized experienced just for you.

At Roc Your Event, we want to make sure your event is memorable and enjoyable for everyone. We also want to help the host destress so they can enjoy the party, too!

We’re excited to help you create one of the most memorable occasions for not only you, but for your family, friends, and colleagues. To help simplify the process of planning, you’ll want to have our custom seating chart. Our customized designs, eye-catching animations, and tailored personalization will guarantee to wow your guests and make a great first impression!

Below are some of our custom seating chart examples.

gold horizontal bar

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