You may be wondering what exactly is a Custom Touch Screen. When guests are ready to start interacting with our photo booths, they will be greeted with an interactive touch screen that will be the first impression of their experience. Once the screen is touched, the photo booth session will begin.

At Roc Your Event, we provide the highest level of customization to give you and your guests the most memorable and unique experience of a lifetime.

This is why we offer a free custom touch screen with our mirror booth package and it is available as an event extra with our Standard Booth ("OG") package. 

By showcasing our custom touch screen displayed on the gorgeous mirror and standard photo booths ("OG"), you'll be able to highlight your special event and uniquely treat your guest(s) of honor.

At your wedding, we want to show off those beautiful engagement photos you have. During your company's annual party, we will showcase your company logo and build camaraderie by displaying photos of the employees. Celebrate your anniversary or 50th birthday party with a few photos of your closest family and friends.

Keep in mind all of our touch screens are animated and attract people to engage with the photo booth. This extra personalized touch catches people's attention and will have them talking about your event for years to come.

Providing a free custom touch screen with all of our mirror booth packages helps guests distinguish that this is not just a mirror in the venue. It is an interactive and custom display tailored exactly to the event's theme that elegantly blends in with the venue ambiance.

We also provide an endless number of custom touch screen templates to choose from that are all designed from scratch.

We’re passionate about working with you to bring your event's vision to life and create an experience that you and your guests will never forget. Providing the custom touch screen will do just that. Whether you’re planning a celebration for a wedding, shower, birthday, holiday, a celebration of life, or corporate event, you’ll want to have our custom touch screen to wow your guest's first impression. 

Below is a showcase of our custom touch screen buttons that are apart of our photo booth service.

gold horizontal bar

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