Do you do events outside of Rochester?

  • Yes, we would love to Roc Your Event outside of the Rochester area. Be sure to contact us today with your venue location!

How long does it take to set up and break down?

  • Generally, we need 45 minutes to an hour to set up and break down.

Do you provide unlimited prints?

  • Yes, we provide unlimited prints. We always provide text or email copies as well!

Will there be a booth attendant on-site?

  • Yes, you will have a booth attendant on-site for your entire event! The attendant is there to help guests have the best possible experience. The attendant will also be there to keep the camera focused and capture the perfect lighting.

How much space do you need for the photo booths?

  • Our Mirror booths requires a 5ft by 5ft space so we have enough room for the mirror booth and the prop table. We will also need access to an outlet nearby. Please keep in mind a backdrop will add to our space requirement.
  • Our 360 booth requires a little more space. We can fit in a smaller space but we want to provide the best angles for your videos. A 8ft by 8ft space is best!

How many people can fit in the booths at a time?

  • In our 360 booth we can fit up to 4 people (800lb weight limit)!!!! Most 360 booths on the market can only hold 2 people, we can double that!
  • In our Mirror booths we have fit up to 25 people. Keep in mind backdrops will make the frame smaller but we can still fit larger parties has we have very large backdrops to accommodate your guests

Do we support LGBTQ Events?

  • Yes!!


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