What is ROC'n Voicemails?

This is an audio guest book twist that will leave your guests talking all night long! It is very simple to use, even your grandma can do it. Pick up the vintage phone, wait for the beep, and leave your message. This cream colored phone is battery powered, so it can sit anywhere at your event. 

This phone is great for all types of parties. Leave a heartfelt message to the newly weds. Or maybe leave some words of wisdom to momma to be at her baby shower. You can even say congratulations on their retirement, engagement party, graduation party, or even their Bar/Bat Mitzvah's. You will love listening to your guests after your event speak from their heart, leave words of wisdom, or attempt to be the comedian.

At Roc Your Event you will be happy to see people on your vintage phone. Your guests will be picking it up the phone all night long to leave you a personal voice message you can listen to for a lifetime.

About Our Voice Memory Books:

  • Full Day Rental
  • Cream Color Vintage Phone
  • All Personalized Voicemails
  • Fully Customized 4x6 Instruction Sign
  • No Attendant needed (to ease drop on your voicemails)

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